Sunday, September 24, 2017


BEST OF SHOW:                                                                  Mona Weidner
    "Opal's Room"

JUDGE'S CHOICE:                                                               Melissa Miller Nece
     "A Chill in a Warming Climate"

DRAWING 1st PLACE:                                                        Suzanne Marcil
       "Let's Party"
DRAWING 2nd PLACE:                                                       Sharon Hester
        "On Guard"
DRAWING 3rd PLACE:                                                       Anda Chance
         "Chop Shop"
DRAWING MERIT AWARD:                                              Marilyn Jones
          "Black Eyed Golden Beauty"
DRAWING HONARABLE MENTION:                              Glinda Pennock
           "La Fiesta"

PAINTING 1st PLACE:                                                        Susan Dauphinee
            "River Peace"
PAINTING 2nd PLACE:                                                      John Rice
            "The Hustlers"
PAINTING 3rd PLACE:                                                      Robin Popp
             "It's a Great Day"
PAINTING HONARABLE MENTION:                             Rae Budwick
              "Vortex inanis"

PHOTOGRAPHY 1st PLACE:                                            Andre Marcil
               "Lost in the Fog"
PHOTOGRAPHY 2nd PLACE:                                           J. Robert Wolfe
               "Presentation of the Flag"

THREE DIMENSIONAL 1st PLACE:                                Dawne Strickland
THREE DIMENSIONAL 2nd PLACE:                              Ann Opgenorth
                "Yellow Billed Cuckoos"
THREE DIMENSIONAL 3rd PLACE:                              Whitney Kiani
                "Water Words"

Saturday, August 19, 2017

"Downloading" Artfest Application

On some computers it may be necessary to use "Print Screen" in order to get a copy of the Application.
To do this, click on the page you need a copy of and press the "Print Screen" button (refer to your PC manual if necessary).  Then select the program Paint (comes with most Windows programs) and select "Paste".  Then print the form.  If you need assistance contact Vicky English at or 386-658-1324.  She does not know ALL computers, but can help with many.