Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ode to Irma
By Anda Chance

Twas the week before Artfest and all through the land, committees were working, completing their plans.

Artists had finished their paintings with care in hopes that the judge soon would be there.

Suzanne checked her spread sheets, Glinda gathered her helpers, with two days to go, their plans were complete.

Musicians were hired, the guests were invited, all was a jitter, the art guild delighted! 

But out in the Atlantic, the weather was stewing, we all sprang to the TV to see what was brewing.

The predictions were dire, it could be here soon, Hurricane Irma was her nom de plume!

It looks like a killer!  Board up the doors!  As seasoned Floridians, we’d seen this before.  

By Saturday we knew it was headed this way, due here tomorrow, on our special day! 

The judge and musicians all moaned, a decision was made, “We’ll have to postpone!”

After all it was better to be safe and stay home.

Around about midnight, phone lines went dead, lights blinked then went out as we tossed in our beds.   

The wind blew and howled all through the night, come Monday morning we surveyed our plight.

 To tell you the truth, most damage was slight,  however,  we now had no lights.

 We soon learned that power was out in our town, but thankfully families were all safe and sound.

Suwannee Electric got busy and went right to work, with chain saws and pole climbers, those men never shirk!

They would get our lights on quick as a wink ...well, …… least that is what you think!

Hopes all ran high that things would be righted, but by Thursday no lights at the library were lighted.

Our hard working team, not ones to pout, rescheduled again with days running out.   

We’ll hold it on Friday,  the last day of the show, these two fearless heroes would give it a go! 

So the order went out, “Reheat the hors d’oeuvres,  reschedule the judge,  we’ve got guests to serve!”

 Everyone scrambled and all did their share,  we knew that our families and friends would be there. 

Our guests must have needed a break from the gloom, the crowd was quite large and filled up the room.

There was talk about art, good food was shared, awards were presented, even the newspress was there. 

Our guest have departed,  all that’s left are bare walls, but join in three cheers to those who gave it their all!

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