Tuesday, July 1, 2014

9th Annual Art Exhibition at the West Branch of the Library Results

There were 41 artists, and 77 pieces of art in the show

Category A Painting
                First place: Wally Reichert “ Downtown”
                Second placed: John Rice “French Quarter”
                Third place: Martha Escobar “Keys Cottage”
                Fourth Place: Jim Whiteside “ Egret with Palm Trees”

Category B Pencil and Pen and Ink
                First Place : Jeffrey Smart Baisden “Castaway”
                Second place: Suzanne Marcil  “Zelette”
                Third  place : Chris Flanagan “ Silent partner”

Category C Photography
                First Place : Herb Ellis “Tree scar”
                Second Place : Vickie Duncan “Dropping in Pagosa 
                Third Place : Don LaBrecque : “ Garden of gods”

Category D Sculpture and Creative Arts
                First Place : Del Porter “ 18th Century Style Table”
                Second Place : Ann Opgenorth  “Rainy Day Sisters”
                Third Place: Soni Fine “Butterflies”

 Honorable Mentions
                Marie Brown “ King of Coop”
                Judith Adams “Columbia County Historical Society”
                Lorie Norris “Indiana 1952”
                John Stokes “Lair of Leviathian”
                Jeanne Van Arsdall “ Don’t Talk Back”
                Carol Cieslik “ Roadside Treats”
                Jane Copp “ Rawlings Home – Cross Creek”
                Joseph Surento “Ta Tu”
                Katrina Browning “Watercolor Sunrise


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