Friday, December 13, 2013

Meet Don LaBrecque

Don LaBrecque vividly remembers his earliest experience with photography as a young boy when his father presented him with his first camera.  As he recalled, "It had only one speed and only one aperture, and it shot 120 film that I had no talent for changing; my dad had to do that for me."
Nonetheless, that formative experience was the catalyst for a lifelong love of all things photographic.  Completely self-taught, his first "real" camera came on his sixteenth birthday when he was given his first 35mm SLR.  "At that time my family was living overseas in India, so the photographic opportunities were infinite."  This also fueled an even greater fascination for the craft.  By seventeen, Don acquired his first Nikon and a couple of modest lenses.  That camera would stay with him for most of his adult life until the advent of digital photography.  Don began working with digital in 2003, moving back and forth between film and this newer format as most photographers did during this period.  "For me," Don explains, "digital was a revelation which took my photgraphy to a completely new level.  Not only was the creative process more responsive, but I could control the processing now better than I ever could with film."  Regular business travels across the US and Canada has once again provided him with an unlimited array of artistic challenges.  And while his equipment has become more sophisticated, his passion for photography hasn't changed much from those days when he was that little boy holding his first camera.
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