Judith Adams
Artist of 20 + years. Inspired by sailing the Gulf, the Atlantic, & the beauty of north central Florida. For Purchase or Instruction,

Email: jeadams.artist@gmail.com

Jeffrey Smart Baisden

Dexter Beals
He does stained glass and metal art.  Email: housedoc310@aol.com

John Bell

Susan Bell

Eileen Box
She loves watercolor and colored pencil.  She is fascinated with the action of light and shadow!

Valerie Brandau
Elizabeth Brooks
Dr. Donald & Betsy Burch
Jean Calabrese

Anda Chance
See More of the Artist Work online @ http://www.andachance.com/

Olga Dees
Sylvia Dunnam

Vicky English

She is strictly an amateur photographer who is currently learning to do digital editing. She has also taken up acrylic painting and is enjoying it enormously.

Chris & Joe Flanagan
Shirely Frowick
Pat Hagerich
Marjorie Hagert
Danny Hales
Sheila Hiss

Marilyn Jones
Her main passion is portrait painting, followed by landscapes and florals.  The challenge of continuous improvement in capturing the spirit and expression of her subject interests her greatly.  She finds joy in the pursuit and challenge of ongoing learning in many areas of media including pencil, colored pencil, oil painting, acrylics and stained glass.  She is looking forward to exploring pastels and watercolor pencils in the near future.

Whitney Kiani

Don LaBrecque

A native of Florida, Don met his wife Teri on a blind date in 1985.  He graduated from Florida State with a BS in Psychology and Anthropology in 1976 and completed his Masters in Counseling at Florida State in 1978.  He is a long-time employee of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, but has an admitted weakness for any kind of travel that can get him out of the office and behind a camera.  Check out his website at:  www.rivers-edge.smugmug.com.  

Teri LaBrecque
Keith & Quinn Leibfried
Andre Marcil

Suzanne Marcil
A member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), she has earned her signature membership and also serves as the secretary. She is retired and after working with acrylics, pastels and doing portraits for about twenty years, she has recently begun to work with colored pencil and finds it wonderful and rewarding.

Phyllis (Tabby) McCluskey

Nada Meeks 
Graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Illustration. Now a freelance artist residing in Live Oak Florida. See more of the artist work @ www.artistnadameeks.com

Marlene Mitchell

Michael Mitchell
Clydedean Murphy

Lorie Norris
A pen and ink artist beginning to draw again after putting her art on hold in order to have a family. Recently accepted into the Saw Palm Magazine to be published in 2014.  She can be contacted at: lorienorris140@gmail.com.

Linda Partney

Glinda Pennock
Glinda likes to choose a subject that has personal meaning. Working with colored pencil is relaxing and rewarding for her. When she is working on her art, she goes deep into her own world and just create, tuning out everything around her. She believes colored pencil brings out each artists creative style and technique.

Wallace Reichert
John Rice
Linda Ruwe
Jessica Salas

Vernice Sparks
Vernice likes using colored pencil and pastels.  They are her favorites.  She has also used oils and acrylics.  She got away from her art but since joining the Guild in 2013 it has encouraged her to pursue her art and try different mediums.

Carolyn Spilatore
Dawne Strickland
Christine Thompson
June Tolbert
Shirley Tomac
Doris Van Jahnke
Joan Wilkerson
Pam Williams
Cathy Willson

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