Sunday, January 25, 2015

Biography of Lorie Norris

Lorie Norris grew up in Tampa, Florida until her parents made the move in 1988 to O'Brien in North Central Florida when she was 15.  She then took an art class in Branford High School taught by a recent Autumn Art Fest Judge, Janice Brothers.  With Mrs. Brothers' encouragement, she entered an art competition in Tallahassee with her first pen and ink drawing and won first place.  The prize was a full paid trip to Washington, D.C. with the winning piece hanging in the Halls of Congress for six months.  (The winning piece was Leather Gloves, which is currently hanging at Beltone as a part of the AIPP program.)
Then life got in the way and it would be another 24 years before she would seriously pick up her art again and begin to enjoy it.  In the meantime, she would marry, have three awesome kids, and finally find a job that she was completely happy and content doing.
In the last two years, she has entered 4 art exhibitions.  She has won a first place, third place and an honorable mentioned.  She has also been published in the Saw Palm Magazine sponsored by the University of South Florida.
And although she has thoroughly enjoyed her return to fine art, she has found great fun and friends with her membership to the Live Oak Artists Guild.  They have given her the opportunity to be creative as well with their newsletter and blog and helping her expand her talents to web design and online media.

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