Saturday, June 21, 2014

Biography of Vicki English

Vicky English has been doing photography for most of her life. She began with a Kodak Brownie when she was seven or eight years old. She then graduated from Suwannee High School and Florida State University with a Bachelor's degree.  She majored in Business Management with a minor in Information Systems.  

In her twenties she began working with film in a single lens reflex camera doing landscape and portrait photography. She did photos in Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada and on the North rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona among other locations. She worked with the SLR for approximately five years before career aspirations took over most of her time.  Unfortunately all of her early photographs were destroyed during a pest infestation of her family storage facility.

In 1994 a back injury put her on full disability and out of the career tract.

Vicky started back with her photography about 4 years ago with a point and shoot camera. She worked her way back up to an SLR, this time digital. She concentrates on landscape and floral photography. When invited, she will do photos of children, working in burst mode to get snapshots so that the children do not have to pose. It gives the moms a chance to be in the picture instead of behind the lens.

She is strictly an amateur photographer who is currently learning to do digital editing. She has also taken up acrylic painting and is enjoying it enormously.  For her, these activities are fun, and give her an opportunity to take her mind off of her disability problems.

This is Vicky’s second year as a member of the Live Oak Artist’s Guild.

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