Thursday, June 26, 2014

Autumn Art Fest Volunteer List

The following is the list of those who have already volunteered to help with the upcoming Autumn Art Fest.  If you would like to help in any area or have ideas please contact Glinda Pennock or the representative from the list below.

Committee List:
Hanging- Chris Flanagan and Cathy Willson
Banner- Chris Flanagan
Awards- Chris Flanagan and Pam Williams
Art Check In- Doris Van Jahnke, Marjorie Hagert, Vicki English
(Doris will oversee)
Art Check Out- Tabby McCluskey, Vicki English, Susan and John Bell
(Susan will oversee)
Docent Scheduling- Eileen Box
Guest Book and Photographer- Anda Chance
Ballots (children's and People's Choice)- Tabby McCluskey
Host Judge and Music- John Bell
Sponsors and Donations- Judith Adams and Suzanne Marcil
(and all members)
Reception- Susan Bell, Jean Calabrese, Carolyn Spilatore
and Vernice Sparks (Susan will oversee)
Publicity- Marilyn Jones
Sitters Scheduling- Lorie Norris

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