Thursday, April 10, 2014

Biography of Judith Adams

I fell in love with watercolor painting in the 1980's, and my love for it continues to grow.  I paint almost daily, so that my work remains fresh and bright.  I do not force myself to finish a painting, as this takes away the fun and leads to dullness and loss of spontaneity in the art work. My pigments are the finest available, as is the paper and the surrounding mats which are acid free. This means that the artwork is permanent. It will not fade or degrade.

Part of my life was spent sailing on a large sailboat in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. I have done many paintings of boats and nautical scenery. Now I paint landscapes, seascapes, and people here in beautiful north central Florida.

My art education was received in workshops taught by well known teachers, and the education continues. I hope to someday master watercolor, although I know that this is an impossible dream. Until then I can just go out and paint all the beautiful things around me to the best of my ability.
My latest project is painting the historic buildings in Live Oak and the surrounding area.

Take a look at the images.
I hope my art pleases you, the viewer.
I can be reached in Live Oak at my studio, at 386.776. 2675.

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