Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Dear Members,
February's meeting was conducted by vice president John Bell, as your president
missed the board meeting due to illness. With V.P. Bell, you know it was a fun

Special Interest
Articles: nominating committee had met and due to lack of new nominations,
The officers were reinstated. There were no objections from the members

the meetings will be held in accordance with Robert's Rules From now on,

of Order. At least we will try. We will all have to ease into this, given the way
business has been conducted in the past. This should make our meetings more
orderly, and leave more time for refreshments and socializing!

Individual Highlights:

Our web page will be allowed to expire due to lack of traffic. A more viable method of getting our news and artistic material out to the public might be on Facebook. Nada gave a very informative program on the use of Facebook and blogging. This will be a learning curve for many of us, but just might be worth it in the long run.

There will be plain air painting in White Springs to celebrate the Wild Azalea Festival. If you are interested, contact Wally Reichert at

It should be fun.

The next meeting is March 5 at the library at 6:30 P.M. It should be fun watching
the officers try to abide by Mr. Robert's rules. You don't want to miss that!!


We are all sorry to lose one of our founding members, Patt Slaughter, who passed away
at the Haven Hospice on February 16. Expect a biography of Patt in the next newsletter,
written by her dear friend, Doris van Jahnke.

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